Transparency LPG portal launched in India to track the LPG account

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The Indian Oil Ministry launched a ‘transparency LPG portal’ this morning to check black-marketing of domestic gas, according to a BL report.


The domain, which is hosted in the websites of IOC, HPCL and BPCL, will feature search options for one’s distributor, number of cylinders delivered with details of booking and delivery date and how much subsidy each consumer is getting, among others, noted the report.

S Jaipal Reddy, Oil Minister said: 'Anybody from any place can know the number of subsidised cylinder used by a consumer. There are more than 13 crore households using LPG in the country'. Implementation of transparency portal is expected to bring down the diversion of subsidised cooking gas leading to cutting down of subsidy burden on the Government, the report pointed out.


'In 2011-12, Government of India paid Rs 30,000 crore for subsidising domestic gas. This year, it is likely to touch Rs 43,000 crore', Reddy said. A consumer can also request for surrender of the connection through the website. A consumer can also register complain against the distributor online. Talking about revising the prices of domestic LPG, Reddy said that the Government is watching the situation with 'keen-interest’ and added: 'We are relieved at the fact that crude oil prices have eased. But the relief has been upset by rupee depreciation'. 

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