Tata International `Tashi’ shoe stores are designed `green’

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Tashi shoe stores from Tata International, the leading leather and leather products exporter from India,  which were launched recently in Mumbai and Delhi were designed by a team of more than 24 professionals drawn from Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bangalore and Mumbai  to achieve something not done before in Indian retail sector, says a company press release in New Delhi.

 Tashi means 'weel being' in tibetan language. Taking this forward these stores have been designed and planned. When one enters the store, one feels fresh and that is where the journey begins. Says Sanjay Agarwal-director, FRDC, "Most of the retail stores in India smell foul and have claustrophobic enviornment. We have worked to get the highest Indoor Air Quality inside stores, and one can feel the same moment one enters. Its more important for Leather selling stores as there is a natural odour which leather transmits’’.

FRDC is a multidisciplinary design and architectural firm based in Bangalore working with known brands and retailers.

Tashi stores also consist of recycled materials, waste management system, integrated energy management system, sensor based water flush systems and real time energy monitoring system. Designed, Planned and managed by JGA Detroit and FRDC, Bangalore, the retail chain of Tata International will set new benchmarks in Indian retail in coming time, the release adds.

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