GKN Driveline to supply CVJ System to Tata Nano Diesel car

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                                Ravindra Ojha, Managing Director, GKN Driveline. Photo: M Sathyan.

GKN Driveline is working closely with Tata Motors in Tata Nano diesel car to be launched in 2012, along with India specific cars, says Ravindra Ojha, Managing Director, GKN Driveline.

While speaking to select media at the inauguration of its new precision forging unit at Oragadam, Ojha said: "We are working with a number of auto majors in the country for India specific cars. This includes Tata Nano Diesel car, scheduled to launch in 2012. Other cars we are currently working on include Hyundai small car Hyundai Eon, Honda Brio, Chevrolet Beat Diesel, Maruti Suzuki YP8, Nissan K9K, Nissan sedan (XH-5) and Ford Fiesta. We supply GKN Driveline CVJ systems to these cars".

Giving an overview of GKN Drivelines' growth in India, OJha said: "We set up our first plant back in 1986, followed by Dharuhera in 1997. In 2008, we set up a facility at Oragadam, near Chennai. The work of the new plant in Pune is going on in full swing and it would go on stream in 2012. In addition to that, we have set up a new precision forging unit at our existing plant in Chennai".

GKN Driveline's pioneering technologies continue to deliver pathbreaking solutions with class-leading systems. Tomorrow's challenges are met with energy, innovation and endeavour. With the result the company has a number of clients in India including Bajaj Auto, FIAT, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki, Piaggio, Renault-Nissan, Tata Motors and Toyota.

"We are the leading supplier of CVJ systems in India. We have built successful relationships with key vehicle manufacturers in the country based upon supply reliability, product integrity and quality consistency. What is more, new development facilities are being undertaken in our Faridabad unit, supported by global research and product development centres, enabling us to be the technology leaders in the Indian automotive horizon", Ojha said.

To drive home the point, the official also added that the company is investing Rs 100 crore per annum for the last four years. Enlightening the gathering, Ojha shed more light on the new precision forge plant. "The main plant size is around 3,500 square meters, while the utility and service area is around 800 square meters and an office space of 700 square meters. The total area of the plant is 5,000 squre meters. This is the first precision forge unit ever set up by GKN Driveline".

Explaining that why the company had set up a precision forging unit, OJha said: "Enhance quality is ensured when compared to warm forge versus hot forge. Furthermore, it reduces environmental pollution. This also supports customer requirements for advanced technologies, localise imported forgings besides protecting core forging technology. This is the first wholly owned forging unit of GKN Driveline in Asia Pacific".

Regarding the table of achivements made by the company, Ojha said that the first forging was made in a record time of 16 months, desptie delay of three months due to accident of the vehicle which was transporting the machinery. "The project itself was highly complex as we had to dismantle old press from our UK facility, send it to Spain for refurbishment and shipping it all the way to Mumbai, India. From there, by road we were shifting the press to Oragadam. Unfortunately, the truck which was transporting the press broke down. Even then we managed to accomplish our task in just a matter of 16 months. We have introduced flow line concept with automation in our new unit. Morover, we have in-built lean management practices and our value flow is clock wise. Last, but not the least, we also follow FIFO concept".

"We have an installed capacity of 4,000 units currently. This would be enhanced to 150 more units by the end of this year, 2300 by 2012 and 4,000 units by 2013", Ojha added.

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