DyStar joint venture with RedElec for elctrochem. indigo dyeing

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DystarThe Singapore-based DyStar and  the Swiss  RedElec, have announced  

a significant development collaboration which focuses on sustainable Indigo dyeing for the denim industry.

To help address the pressing environmental needs of the textile supply chain, the DyStar Denim team in Germany and RedElec Technologie in Switzerland have decided to join forces to develop electrochemical dyeing of Indigo, a sustainable solution that will eliminate harmful substances in dyeing and waste water.

The team will use its patented products, DyStar Indigo Vat 40% Solution and RedElec’s electrochemical technologies, throughout the development process. 

“As a leader in ecology & environment in the textile industry and technology leader for Indigo, our customers expect us to develop new products and processes that help reduces their environmental impact,” said Thorsten Hüls, Marketing Manager Denim in Ludwigshafen.

“The cooperation with RedElec is a big step forward to help improve the

environmental profile of Indigo dyeing,” added Günther Widler, Technology Manager Denim.

With the collaboration, RedElec is given opportunities to explore and further develop its new and promising electrochemical technologies for clean processes. “In the near future, electrochemical processing will become the new and essential technology to limit the negative impacts of industrial activities”, said Dr. Rettenand, Director of RedElec.  

The initiative further affirms DyStar’s sustainability and econfidence

 commitments to the textile industry – to offer sustainable solutions through environmentally & ecologically friendly products, process and services – a “sure-to-win” strategy which will also help its customers stay ahead of  competitors. 


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