Coochhie Coo, kids wear brand, plans to step up business

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coochhie_cooCoochhie Coo, a luxury designer wear brand for children in the age group 0 to 12 years, specializes in custom-made special occasion wear, night wear, and semi formals through its ready to pick range.

 Within three years of establishment, it has managed to create a niche for itself in the kids’ wear market with an average growth rate of 30%.  This company owned by designer Sagrika Mittal, Director, aiming at 40 % growth in 2012-13.

Now the brand’s collection is retailed through two exclusive brand outlets in Delhi and Mumbai, respectively.

. “We plan to expand in northern parts of the country and through multi designer outlets in other prominent markets. Achieving a growth of 30 per cent every year, we are targeting 40 per cent growth in the coming fiscal with strong marketing plans,” she has said

Ms  Mittal said the big players are yet to enter the kids wear market in a big way, though more than 30% of Indians are between 6 and 18. This offers a big business opportunity.

There were challenges, she added. Even the customer’s needs to be educated about the fact that garments designed for the exact age of the child were  available and that ``they can have styles customized and served for their age and not settle for styles which are actually designed for older girls and are cut short to meet their size, having no relevance for them in terms of style.”

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