CIDC Vishwakarma Awards 2012

Construction News by KR Iyer  2 yrs ago

New Delhi: Construction Industry Development Council of India (CIDC ) has announced extension of last date of submission of nominations for the industry’s much coveted ‘Vishwakarma Awards 2012’ till 31st January.

The 4th edition of the award event, which has three new categories and one sub-category for this year’s edition, recognises and honours the valuable contributions and work of Indian construction fraternity that has significantly enriched the construction domain and helped bring about a change in construction practices.

The Vishwakarma awards are inspired by the spirit of construction and creation patronised by Lord Vishwakarma, the ruling deity of the construction practices in India, as per Hindu mythology.

CIDC Vishwakarma Awards are meant to motivate individuals' and organisations' contribution in construction domain and to promote replicable best practices in the Indian construction industry.

At the Annual CIDC Vishwakarma Awards, the work and achievements of individuals and organizations is recognised and applauded, according to a release from CIDC, which adds, the awards are an embodiment of encouraging truly successful efforts from individuals and organizations that have made a mark on the present Indian construction industry in terms of delivering better outputs, processes and creating higher benchmarks for construction industry to help in nation building.

To make the process all inclusive and broad based, CIDC Vishwakarma Awards are being given to all representative categories that comprise the entire spectrum of the Indian Construction Industry from artisans to industry doyens, and professionally managed companies.

The Awards cover the entire spectrum of Indian Construction Industry and all the stakeholders both from public and private sector including NGO's. The awards are announced and conferred on the occasion of CIDC Foundation Day every year, according to a note available in the CIDC website.

The uniqueness of the CIDC Vishwakarma Awards is reflected in its recognition of contributions made by individuals such as grass root construction workers, artisans, marginalised sections such as women workers, prison inmates (CIDC is conducting programs for rehabilitation of prison inmates in Madhya Pradesh) to the growth and development of Indian construction industry.

Construction Industry Development Council

The Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC), an apex organisation was established by Planning Commission along with the Construction Industry in 1996 for the development of construction sector and professionalizing the functioning and monitoring of construction activities. The council provides the impetus & organisational infrastructure to raise quality levels across the industry. This helps to secure wider appreciation of the interests of construction business by the government, industry and peer groups in society. CIDC is a change agent to accelerate a process of self-reform that should enable the industry to answer the challenges of the future. It has membership from various ministries, government departments, PSUs, construction companies, financial institutions, educational institutions and R& D institutions.

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