24 Letter Mantra introduces India's First Organic Mango Juice

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24Letter Mantra, one of India's leading organic food brand, promoted by Rjashekhar Reddy Seelam as Sresta Natural Bioproducts Pvt Ltd, has launched the country's first organic mango juice to coincide with the summer and give juice lovers a totally new and wholesome experience in taste, quality ingredients and health. 24 Letter Mantra Organic Mango Juice is 100 percent pure. It has no synthetic additives, no preservatives, is pesticide free and it is safe for kids.


Following its avowed policy of providing wholesome, pure and tasty nutrition, in 24 Letter Mantra's Organic Mango Juice, juice lovers will discover a higher percentage of pulp compared to other juices now available in the market. 24 Letter Mantra's juice has 26 percent pulp as opposed to only 20 precent pulp in other similar offerings. In fact, 24 Letter Mantra Organic Mango Juice is closest to Aaamras as it is natural and free of any synthetic additives. All of which really means that the juice lover can actually savour more mango per glass. With a unique mouth feel and the aroma of naturally ripened mangos, the Organic Mango Juice promises to deliver a totally new standard in taste and nutrition, says an IndiaPRWire statement.

Commenting on the introduction of the Organic Mango Juice, Rajashekhar Reddy Seelam, Managing Director, Sresta Natural Bioproducts said: "Drinking juice in India has never been a chemical and pesticide free experience. Our organic mango juice has no chemicals and in fact has been extracted from mangoes, which have been allowed to ripen at Nature's pace. 'Organic' for us means high levels of integrity and health. Our products and our 10,000 farmer strong cooperative, with 40,000 acres under cultivation, have been bringing from farm to fork the unique and healthy organic food experience. Over 100,000 and more families across India have been enjoying the nutrition and benefits of foods grown the way nature has intended it".

24 Letter Mantra Organic Mango Juice has been conceptualised for juice lovers, health lovers, organic food lovers and all these who believe consuming pesticide free food is more than just a need. It is nature's wish. India first organic mango juice is also reaching India through a well-organised Sampling Programme. 'Taste it and Drink it' seems be the call.

Under the interesting banner of 'Chak Le Pi Le India' the juice is being sampled and is now available in leading supermarkets and food outlets in New Delhi with NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. The Juice is available in one litter tetra pack and is priced at Rs 120.


N Balasubramanian, CEO, Sresta Natural Biproducts added: 'Wholesomeness and nutritional value has to go hand in hand with taste and the experience of drinking a juice that is closest to Aamras. In our Mango Juice we have kept the organic integrity while keeping the Indian palate in mind'. 24 Letter Mantra has a range of Organic food products from staples, cereals, oils, snacks, confectionery and more. With a range of close to 200 products, a lakh and more families in India have been using 24 Letter Mantra for all their needs - breakfast, lunch, dinner and the in-between snacks.

Sresta, based out of Hyderabad is one of India's largest Organic food company, and promoters of the country's largest Organic Brand '24 Letter Mantra' products and the organic destination, is one of the leading organic processors and suppliers targeting food enthusiasts in India and world over. Sresta has been founded with a vision of providing Pure, Healthy and Wholesome Food to consumers and Creating a Sustainable Livelihood for Farmers. Sresta has dedicated relationships with a network of over 10000 farmers, cultivating 30,000 acres across eleven states in India, with production projects spread across varied agro-climatic zones. In order to ensure the consistent quality and availability facilities have been vertically integrated from farm level to finished product.

The 24 Letter Mantra is based on the philosophy that all matter is finally composed of five elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether (Sky). The words in Sanskrit read as bhumir, apo, analo, anilo, nabha. When the letters in these words are added they count to 24 letters.

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